Eat That Snow!

How ya likin' that winter weather? I, for one, LOVE IT. I get to stay home with the kiddos, sleep in a bit, and I get to bake (you know, because it warms the upstairs and makes food too). This year I decided to finally play with snow recipes. 
Oh, come on, you know you used to eat snow. It was fun as long as you didn't get the yellow snow. The snowcones I've always wanted to do because I LOVE shaved ice, aka Raspas in Texas. They're my absolute favorite dessert- even over chocolate! Anyway, the snowcones I pulled out of my brain earlier today and just made it with what I had around (and we love it), and the snow cream I had to look up but reduced the sugar because the recipe I tried first was too sweet. So the snowcream recipe below worked much better. Have fun!


1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 packet unsweetened soft drink mix (Kool-aid)

Bring the sugar and water to a boil, let boil for approx 2 minutes- not a hard/ball stage or anything, we're just getting it nice and sticky. 
Remove from heat, add drink mix and stir well. 
Allow to cool to at least room temp (hint: stick the pot in a pile of snow and stir for a couple of minutes to cool it quickly)
Pack cup(s) full of fresh, clean snow- really pack it down like you're trying to build a snow fort and then pack on a mound on top.
Carefully drizzle syrup from the top down the sides until the top is completely colored- then give it a pinch more. 
Enjoy! :D


1 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp vanilla

Mix milk, vanilla, and sugar.
Add snow, a cup or two at a time, until you get something a bit wetter than what you'd use to build a fort with. It will be a bit crumbly, but it can kind of hold together. 
Serve immediately- top with fudge or sprinkles, etc. as desired.


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