Staying Cooler For Less

I despise the heat. Seriously, I'm like, melting during the summer.

I like it somewhere between 70 and cold enough for a robe and furry slippers! At the same time, however, I am NOT rich by any means, in fact, I'm cheap. My husband calls me "frugal" but let's be honest, I prefer spending as little as possible on everything and anything. So I decided to get those things that go over the air vent and point it out toward the middle of the room, you know, these: 

But even though it LOOKS cheap- you're going to need like, fifty of them for your house, and that's the "add-on with Prime" price, so who knows how much shipping is.
Which is why I MADE SOME.....
Now, I made mine from an empty cereal box and shaped the sides more like the plastic one I have in the bedroom (see above) but the image below works too. And what do you do if the kids get extra excited and break one? Chop up another box. BAM- instantly cooler in any room and it didn't cost a thing. Of course, if you REALLY want, you can click the pic above and buy them....


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