Ok, guys, it's on.

I'm sure you've noticed- I've not been here. I've just...not.
But in that time I took off of blogging, I found, well, me.
I've hopped (back) on the Atkin's LC bandwagon, gotten my hubby on the LC dieting scene, lost 12 lbs, started taking (prescribed) diet meds, gotten back on my antidepressants, off the daily energy drinks, on the BodyMedia Link armband, and gotten the most awesome pair of jeans I've owned in ten years. Really, they're fab. I'll post a pic sometime.
So bear with me, but you're going to see change like you've never seen here before. And I'm doing this for me. Yes, you'll see the stuff I like and I'll tell you why I think you should buy it, but only IF I absolutely love it (not just b/c somebody wants me to tell you about it in general).
So sit back, get it in gear, and get ready to find yourself. And get better at everything you've gotta do already. And learn some new fun stuff too. :)


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