Weekend Project: Homemade Play Dough and Bouncy Balls

I used to love playing with play dough and clay and silly putty...pretty much anything squishable! So imagine how much fun it was when I had kiddos who liked playing with dough too- the only thing is, it dries out or smells bad or just gets hard to play with. Till I fond this recipe for SUPER DUPER SOFT DOUGH! Remember, this isn't for eating, so...yeah.
SuperSquish Soft Dough
1 Part Corn Starch
1 part generic conditioner
Food coloring (as desired)
Ok, ready? Mix it all up! You might need a bit more or less corn starch depending on how runny the conditioner is- you'll know when you've got it right. It's uber soft and squishy and smells good too! OH! And if your little princess likes all things glittery- superfine glitter (like for scrapbooking) works really well here.
But while we're at it with the corn starch....
(Again- not for nomming).
4 Tbs HOT water
1 tsp Borax (yes, the stuff you use in detergent)
2 Tbs school glue
2 Tbs corn starch
Food coloring
Plastic container/spoon to mix and a zip bag or other airtight container to store it.
Mkay...here's the science-y stuff!
In one container, mix the corn starch, glue, and food color.
In the other container mix the HOT water and borax.
Take about 1 tsp of the borax/water and put it into the other cup with the colored goop. Let it sit while kiddo counts to 30 and STIR!!!
When you pretty much can't stir anymore, take it out and roll it into a ball.
This won't go super high like the ones you trip over all the time, but it still bounces real good and YOU and kiddos made it, which is awesome.
If it gets all nasty or whatever, you can just pitch it and make more!
Have fun!


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