Funday Friday! Keeping the Family Warm

Ok, ok, let's get this out of the way.
Oh, and I'm cheap.
And did I mention that NO-ONE in our house (especially me) likes to be cold?
I mean, sure I can handle keeping the heat down to around 60 all day until it starts to get dark, even though it means wearing my robe and slippers all afternoon when I get home from work.
This weekend only the oldest kiddos will be home, so it's the perfect weekend for GAME TIME!!!!
Our favorite (and I should note that it is NOT appropriate for small children- the big kids are teens and have seen/heard worse on basic cable than they would ever hear on this game) anyway, our fave is

Super duper trivia game for Xbox that also has available DLC packs and starts off with like, 70 episodes to play. Each episode has 10 questions and a lighting round and it's pop-culture, food, history, science, general knowledge, deduction- total fun. Like really, if you ever wanted to see a celebrities' trash or watch movies being reenacted by cats, this is SO the game for you.
We'll be taking turns playing each other and snacking on some chili dip that I throw in the crock pot when I get home from work.


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