Wild Science Lip Balm Kit Review

We got one of these for Vivian for her birthday this year, so I wanted to share our experience with it.

This Wild Science Lip Balm Kit was used by me and my 8 yr old Stepdaughter. They're actually on sale right now for about $5 less than what I paid for it, but such is life.
So anyway, when we opened it up this is what we got:

Well, without the made balm- the 'before' pic ended up fuzzy.
It had everything we needed to make enough lip balm to fill her little 4 compartment container 3-5 times!
Two different flavors, two colors, shimmer and sunscreen. All the ingredients are natural and non-toxic (of course- they'll be on kids' mouths!)
Everything was easy enough to use too- though the kiddo's will need adult assistance with the microwaving bits. What they don't tell you, too, is that you'll have to do 4 teeny batches instead of doing it all at once. Well, unless you want it all the same color, flavor, etc. But the little one and I had fun and she got to make a full container of lip balm that was customized exactly how she wanted. There are other little experiments, etc in the box as well- UV reactive beads, etc. but we were focused on the balm. This was the finished product:

So...I can confidently say, this was a fun gift to play with on a chilly afternoon. Go pick up your Wild Science Lip Balm Lab for your little girl! We loved it!


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