Yerdle: The Online Yard Sale

If you somehow haven't heard of Yerdle yet, then not only are you not following me on Facebook (as you should be) but more importantly, you're totally missing out on some of the best deals you can find anywhere.
It is literally like going yardsale-ing but online. But, so you know exactly what I mean by that, here are the basics:

Someone lists something to "give" on yerdle, setting a price in yerdles (yerdles = $$ on the site, NOT real cash).
Another person sees said item on the app or online and decides to buy it.
They pay shipping ($5) and a small fee ($1-$3) and the other person sends it to the buyer via UPS with tracking.
Buyer enjoys their item.
Easy as that.
The 'giver' doesn't pay for shipping items, and you can 'bundle' from an individual, saving what you'd pay for shipping each item individually.

Extra Perks:
1. You clean out your extra junk- anything from apple decor to a map of Zimbabwe. If it's under 10 lbs you can ship it, otherwise it's for local pickup (yeah, that's an option too!).
2. You get new stuff for almost nothing- more on that below.
3. You can earn free shipping credits (so it won't cost a dime!)
4. You can earn free shipping supplies.
5. You start with $35 Yerdles and Free Shipping on your first order, which can currently get you any one of the following without costing you a nickel: an alarm clock, Banana Republic khaki skirt, horse puzzle, red cardigan, The Gap soft tee, The Cupcake Book, three mug trio, boy's John Deere long sleeve, WetSeal strapless dress, cat pin, Christmas cards, earrings, etc. etc. etc.
Crazy, isn't it? Plus they have a great return policy, so if you receive something that was damaged or doesn't work- you do get your $$ back.

Pretty awesome, huh? Oh, and just in case I haven't quite sold you on Yerdle yet....

Here's what I've gotten from Yerdle, and it's cost me a total of approx. $20 out of pocket:

OH, and FIY, if you join with my links in this post, I get $10 Yerdles, but the opinions- they're totally all mine. I just really and truly love being on Yerdle!


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