What's For Dinner?

So, this is one of those times when I have an extra day off of work (MLK day), and since S and I just got new phones, I thought I'd hunt around the kitchen to find this week's edibles instead of going out and buying all that convenience crapola we usually eat. Keeping in mind that there are five of us, but four of us eat breakfast and lunch at school, DH has the same thing every day for breakfast (eggs and turkey bacon), and, at least, one day each week we have "Fend" (fend for yourself) for dinner. DH, however, needs quick lunches and snacks like sliders and such every day in addition to dinners. He doesn't have time to make anything too complicated, so think TV dinner type stuff for him.

This is what I've got, meat-wise:
Split Chicken Breasts
Turkey Bratwurst
Mild Italian Sausage Links
Vegetarian "Beef" Crumbles
Ground Deer Meat

I've also got some different types of pasta, potatoes, sauces, soups, etc. in the pantry, so here's what we'll do:

Meatball Sliders
Chicken Taco Pasta
Stroganoff Rice
Cheesy Brat Bowties

This takes care of four nights, plus one leftover "fridge cleanout" night, one Fend night, and one night I'll just pick up a $5 pizza or two. Simple, fast, and almost completely out of my pantry/freezer. Now for the recipes:

Meatball Sliders:
Spaghetti Sauce
Small Rolls
Mozzarella/Provolone Cheese

Super easy- mix the sauce with the meatballs, throw it on a roll and top with cheese. You can even tuck them under the broiler for a minute or so to melt the cheese. I like to put these together then freeze, take them out and wrap individually and stick them back in the freezer for an easy snack/lunch for DH.

Chicken Taco Pasta:
Some kind of pasta.
Taco seasoning. 
Shredded cheese as desired.

This one is taking a bit longer for me this week as I'm starting with split chicken breasts, so I'll have to bake and debone them first. Mix cooked chicken with pasta, taco seasoning, and water (like those pasta 'helper' meals. Around 2 cups of liquid per lb of meat and 6 oz of pasta should work.) cook till done and top with cheese if you'd like.

Stroganoff Rice:

1 can cream of mushroom soup
2-4 cups of rice (cooked)
1 lb ground beef.

Mix together and heat thoroughly. Add a bit of milk if it's too dry/thick for your taste. This one's probably my favorite because it's so deceptively easy and you can throw some green beans on the side and a slice of bread and the whole family thinks you've slaved all day. I've even been known to cook big batches of rice and then freeze it to use later. Sure, it only saves me 20 minutes or so, but sometimes I need that 20 minutes! 

Cheesy Brat Bowties:

1 lb bowtie pasta
1 lb bratwurst
1 can condensed cheese soup.

Cook pasta and bratwurst, slice brats. (I prefer turkey brats btw, though you could use smoked sausage as well). Mix all with 1/4 cup of milk and heat thoroughly. Great with garlic bread!

Ghoulash- everyone's is a little different, but mine is basically ground meat, canned tomatoes, elbow macaroni, and sometimes kidney beans. Simple and delicious! 

Ok, guys- what's your plan for the week?


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