Free and Easy Fundraising for Everyone!

Necessity is the mother of the google search! 
Whilst searching for new fundraising ideas for the local Marching Band (because two of my three kiddos are in it this year), I came upon Pearup. They offer FREE and easy fundraising for families, groups, churches, teams, etc. and it's the EASIEST THING EVER. 
Seriously, if you have a Facebook account, you can do this in about 5 minutes. 
How it works: 
Decide if you need $$$ or custom gear- shirts, bags, hoodies, etc.
You pick your sponsor- either CustomInk like my first fundraiser, or RitzBitz, or Verizon, or US Cellular, or any one of a ton of different available sponsors depending on what's available in your area.
Upload a pic, write a few short lines about your group and start your fundraiser! 
I chose $200 in gear from CustomInk, and in about 12 hours had already gotten to $38 - from FOUR people. None of them had to spend any money or put in CC information, and it took each of them about five minutes to do the tasks. 
Some tasks that get you sponsorship $$ are: 
Watching a video
Liking a Facebook Page
Signing up for emails
Visiting a website
Sharing on Facebook or Tweeting
Anyone who does all 7 tasks in this fundraiser gets a $10 code for their website too!
YES. It's that easy. I get 10 days to try to raise my funds and then I get a gift code for $200 worth of custom gear with whatever I want on it! 
The Fine Print: In the case of CustomInk, they require a 2" x 2" logo on the sleeve. As if I would notice or care. It's enough to get each of my kids a super cool custom tee with their name on it, a graphic and writing on the back too along with a pair of duffel bags, and maybe even something for Mommy! 
So....Save THIS LINK or click it if you're interested in doing a CustomInk fundraiser, and when you raise $25, you'll get a BONUS of $25! (Oh, and I will too, so thanks in advance!)

This is our fundraiser (only open until 9/10/15 but if you get here before then, I'd LOVE if you could do a task or two!)


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