New Cool Thing Alert! Food City "Great Stuff" Magazine

So on a normal outing to Food City (ok, not that normal since I usually go to Walmart or UGO because they're closer and tend to have better prices), I happened upon this NEW COOL THING:

And I did that raised eyebrow, "WTF is This?" look that we all do when we see something and have no clue what it is. Upon further inspection it's this nifty little package of goodies that for just ***99 CENTS*** you get a magazine with coupons in it (think All You) and some samples. 
In this case, it included $10.25 of coupons for things like charcoal briquettes, paper towels, lettuce, bug bite cream, and some other items I can't remember but might use, AND:
14 count bottle of 81mg Ecotrin coated aspirin
snack size bag of Pistachios (great for my purse the next time I'm starving and need a low-carb snack)
single shot Goody's Headache Relief liquid shot (like 5hr Energy but for headaches- again good for my purse)
1 packette of BC cherry flavored headache powder. (I hate cherry but I'll put it in hubby's car for the next time he needs something for a headache).
Overall a decent use for a buck, right? I mean, I'm not quite sure if it adds up to twenty dollars worth of savings, etc. but it's definitely worth way more than a dollar. I'm guessing that this will probably be released every month or two, so if nothing else, I'll stop by Food City every few weeks to see if they have new ones - and maybe pick up a couple more if I decide I like the headache shots enough to buy regularly (I'm sure they're more than $1 each since that's also one of the coupons included!)
What do you guys think- have you seen these yet? Are yours different? What other stores have them?


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