Money Saving Monday: Pancake Mix

In our house we LURVE pancakes. Nearly as much as waffles! Thing is, I'm cheap AND I don't like to work too hard on stuff when I don't have to. So once I got a waffle iron for Christmas (just like the ones that close and flip like at hotels!), I decided I should probably learn to make waffle mix. Or pancake mix- whatever worked better. But here's the thing: both mixes are basically the SAME THING! Crazy, huh? So since a box of that basic Bake-everything-from-it mix that shall not be named is at least $4.00 a pop, and that box lasts through, oh...2 breakfasts tops, I had to find something else. Well this one works great- all you do is mix up the dry stuff, stick it in zip bags or some other canister type container, write the directions on the container (otherwise I will lose them and forget them simultaneously) and you've got your favorite breakfast-y type thing whenever you want. I might even get up the nerve to try this:


Basic Pancake/Waffle Mix: 3 cups flour
3 Tbs sugar
1 Tbs baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
Wet Stuff (to be added day of cooking): 3 c. milk 2 eggs (3 for waffles) 1/3 c. oil (no oil for waffles) splash of vanilla (optional) There. You might need a pinch more milk, depending on how you like your p'cakes, but that's it. Just mix it all up and cook it in your decided upon device. Oh, and then smother it all in butter/syrup.
Or peanut butter/jelly
Or Butter/honey
Or peanut butter/chocolate chips
or bananas/peanut butter/choc. syrup....


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