Money Saving Monday: Homemade Cleaning Wipes

I love cleaning wipes. Being able to just grab a wet wipe, swipe it across whatever surface needs cleaned, and throw it away.
Aaaah. Clean.
And fast too- too bad they get a bit pricey.
I mean, really? Five bucks a canister? Are you kidding??? See, if I'm gonna get a can of those and then use two or three in the kitchen each day (more depending on which kid helped cook), at least two in the bathroom each day (since hubby CANNOT seem to clean the hair out of the sink when he shaves AND the kids will inevitably leave toothpaste dribbles) and then one on the kitchen table, probably one on the coffee table- at a few cents a pop it really adds up. Really. I can go through at least one canister each week if not more. And the dollar store wipes? Don't get me started. The dollar store is ONLY a deal when the product is worth MORE than a dollar. Otherwise you're getting what you pay for and I don't buy trash.
But, I digress.
My point is, for like, a tenth (or less) of the cost of brand name cleaning wipes, you can make your own. Oh, and homemade ones won't kill you with all the chemicals in the other ones. So, here's the basics:

DIY Disinfecting Wipes:
2 containers to hold your wipes (they'll need to be half the height of a roll of paper towels and big enough to hold the width.)
1 roll of the best paper towel you can get (Bounty seems to be everybody's fave here- cheapest if you get it bulk)
Non-serrated knife (serrated tends to make a mess)
2 c distilled or filtered water (especially if you have lots of calcium in your local water like we do)
4 Tbs white vinegar
1 Tbs your fave dish soap (of course mine is Dawn- and you can't use Castille with vinegar so don't even try)
10-20 drops your choice of oil: eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, orange (these are all antibacterial/germ killing and smelly goods too!)
Cut the paper towels in half the short way.
Put the cut paper towels in your containers and twist out the cardboard (if you can't yet then just wait till it's wet in a minute)
Mix all wet ingredients and pour half on each mini roll of towels.
Now take the tube out, put the lid on and turn it upside down to get everything wet.
Then, um....clean! These are great on just about any surface. Really. I keep one under the bathroom sink and one under the kitchen sink for quick afternoon cleaning sprees. :)


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