Cleaning on a Schedule

Cute, isn't it?
Also WAYYYY too complicated for me.
See, I hate cleaning. Really, I do. But I find that by keeping a schedule of what I clean each day, I only have to do one basic thing to keep it all looking good. Sure, every day I do dishes, wipe countertops/tables, do a load of laundry (as needed) and de-clutter whatever I notice, but Mon-Sat I have specifics. For me, the list looks like this:
Monday: Bathrooms (I clean the shower, toilets, mirrors, and anything else major I see).
Tuesday: Dusting (This includes any/all ceiling fans, shelves, electronics, etc.)
Wednesday: Vacuum (all the carpets in every room)
Thursday: Sweep & Mop (all the floors I didn't do yesterday)
Friday: Refrigerator (out with anything old- eat it or toss it- and wipe down all surfaces/spills that were hiding)
Saturday: Garbage Day (all the trash cans are emptied and it all goes to the road).

I get my kids to help with all of these too, during our normal 'housework' time each afternoon, and it makes it all go by pretty quickly. It helps that they can do all of these tasks with minimal or no instruction/assistance, so while they do that I can get caught up on any other cleaning. Like maybe wiping out the stove?
Just make your schedule, put it up where everyone can see, and stick to it.
You'll be glad you did.

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  1. Our house runs like a well oiled machine thanks to you! Love Hubby