This Year's IT Toy: Rainbow Loom

Yep. This year's uber must-have toy is the Rubber Band Bracelets Loom Kit .
Also known as Rainbow Loom, Rubber Band Weaving, and Bracelet Weaving, this is a super hot trend that is easy to do and pretty fun too. I got to try it out at Toys R Us one weekend, and not only could I figure it out, but my 8 yr old could do it- by herself!
Any craft projects are awesome at our house, but one that requires little to NO Adult Supervision is just, well, perfect!
These can be relatively inexpensive, from THIS ONE that's under $10, to The ORIGINAL Rainbow Loom that sells for around $20, all the way to Pre-Made MEGA Kits that would be great for craft/birthday parties.
Rainbow Looms are great because you can really customize the colors, style of weave, and you can add charms too. I actually found mini kits at my local dollar store for my kids' stockings. I'll try to remember to let you know what they make with them.


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