Naturebox = NO MORE JUNK FOOD!

Ok, so maybe not NO junk food. But NatureBox is still pretty darn cool.
For a mere $20 (including shipping) you get 5 full size super healthy nutritionist approved snacks to try. In a NatureBox there are:
NO High-Fructose Corn Syrup
NO Hydrogenated Oils
NO Trans Fats
NO Artificial Sweetners
NO Artificial Colors
NO Artificial Flavors
NatureBox has been featured all over the place- Shape Magazine, Rachel Ray, The Today Show...
Some of their previous boxes have included things like: Blueberry Nom Noms (think cookie dough snackies!), Guacamole Bites (OMG yes!), Sunshine Veggie Chips, Honey Mesquite Almonds...hungry yet?
That's not even the best part!
Of course you can cancel whenever you want, and they have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, oh and every friend you refer gets you a $10 credit...
BUT! My favorite thing about NatureBox? Well, NatureBox works with WhyHunger as well as food pantrys and other organizations, donating food and money to those in need. How cool is that?
BY THE WAY: I didn't get anything from NatureBox to do this post- it's 100% my own humble opinion. Now, if later on NatureBox would like to send me something to try *hint, hint* that would be super cool too.


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