Dollar Shave Club - THIS IS BETTER!

Ok, so you've probably heard of DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB. They've got 3 different 'levels' of shave you can subscribe to- and you get one new handle and cartridge your first month, and a month's worth of cartridges each month. It's not bad when you figure that the best one is $9 plush shipping per month and you won't have to go out to get them!
They're the SAME razors FOUND HERE can get an ADDITIONAL 15% off when you CLICK HERE

Here's the breakdown of what the Men's pack includes:
6 Blade System for Men

6 Blade System for Men Cartridges- 2pks of 4 each
4 Blade System for Men Cartridges-2pks of 4
6 Blade Disposable for Men- 2pks
4 Blade Disposable for Men- 2pks
This pack is estimated to last the average guy a FULL year for just $35 shipped!!!
Of course they DO have women's packs too, and a pretty wide selection for a place that ONLY does razors and shave supplies!
So...*hint, hint, hubby* this would be a GREAT gift for any woman (or man) in your life- useful AND frugal! CLICK HERE FOR 15% OFF


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