Candy Cane K. Our Elf on the Shelf

We got our Elf early- the day before Thanksgiving, and yesterday we ALREADY had DH moving it ALL THE TIME. I love him, but it was irritating- trying to convince the kids they can't touch Candy when he is! Anyway, we were able to salvage the idea when I used the free Magic Recovery Kit Here and this morning the kiddos woke to find our elf had 'borrowed' my rubber ducky book and was reading to a handful of my mini rubber ducks.

Yes. I love rubber ducks.
Anyway, there are no limits as to what your elf can do, and if you've been thinking of getting one, do! It's an adorable tradition that even the older kids smile at. (And my oldest is 13 going on Edgar Allen Poe, so that's a pretty amazing feat!)
If you want your own elf, and don't feel like trekking 30 miles out of the way to get it (like I did), YOU can check out the pretty darn good deals on ELF on the SHELF HEREYou can still get it quickly and start making those nifty holiday memories!


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