Bart's Cookies - Even Better Than Mom's

Yes, I know. Overboard.
But they are so good! We were fortunate enough that when we asked to supply a prize to give away to our listeners at Friday Night Drunken Trivia they not only said yes, but then Bartman asked, "What about YOU? What kind of cookies do you want to try?"
Of course I was like, um...all of them? No, not really, but we did get to try the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Dark Chocolate Chip.
First, I have to say, the packaging was unassuming and no-nonsense. I dig that. There's no frou-frou lace and frilly crap to wade through. Just packing peanuts to keep the cookies from breaking, and a little note.
Secondly, the smell. Oh, the smell. Like everything you ever thought chocolate chip cookies should smell like.
My mouth was watering already and I hadn't even taken a photo yet.
Finally- the taste! These are just a darn good cookie. Like, really, they lasted all of maybe 4 hours at my house (and that's because I hid a dozen of them)! The ratio of cookie to chocolate chip is, I daresay, perfect. That's right, they're perfect.
Not too hard, not too chewy, no teeny crumbs flying everywhere. Just yummy. They're just the right amount of sweet. Just the right bit of savory. They should be just about perfect, too. Bart Smith, founder of, has been working on his recipe for like, 20 years! Even his Mom says she can't do better- I know I can't and I've always been pretty good with cookies. Oh, and of course since Bart is smart, they have Gluten-Free flavors too!
I want more cookies.
My only complaint? A dozen is not enough.
Two dozen is not enough.
Hell, a dozen dozen would not be enough. I could LITERALLY eat these every day.
So just go to already and get your own. (No, no affiliate link here- just cookies.)


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