Surface Commercial Driving Me NUTS!

So I'm sure you've seen the new commercial for the Microsoft Surface, right? No? Oh, well here you go- I'll wait....

Infectious, isn't it?
Must be since I actually Googled it earlier today.
It looks wonderful, too- like iPad meets Kindle meets laptop... Too bad it costs $500
Yes, another nifty gadget I'll never ask hubby to buy me. Another frivolous toy I shall never know the joy of playing with.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I have a Kindle Fire and LOVE it!
I read, take notes, make lists, play games, watch videos, play games, listen to music and play games! (Yes I'm an app addict!) I get 99% of my content 100% free, so it's awesome for me.
But I don't have a keyboard.
And I can't seem to keep a stylus handy to save my life...
See, I originally wanted to use my Kindle Fire to blog with, but since I have no keyboard....
But wait!
There is another option- and I have found it in my favorite color!
See, it holds my Kindle securely, holds a stylus, has a built in keyboard, and it's PURPLE!


Pretty cool huh? And at around $25 it's a super deal! (Oh, and free shipping too- awesome!)


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