New Glade Expressions Review

Got to try the New Glade Expressions thanks to BuzzAgent and I have loved them! I received coupons for free Oil Diffusers and Fragrance Mist, so I chose the Pineapple and Mangosteen scent as well as Cotton and Italian Mandarin. I had to get both in the mist since for some reason I couldn't seem to find the Oil Diffusers anywhere near me!

The Good: They smell wonderful and the scent is strong without being 'perfumy' or overbearing. The dispensers are simple and tasteful- no frou-frou stuff here!

The Bad: It's easy to use them constantly, which makes you run out faster. There aren't many scents yet, so if you don't like one, you may have to wait a while for other scents to come out.

The Ugly: They're priced a smidge higher than what I'm used to, so this is more a special occasion thing as opposed to a day-to-day spray.


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