Home Made How To: Body Wash

So after hunting around online for a recipe to make my own dish soap (Note: Not really worth it since Dawn is the best there is), I found multiple recipes to make my own super-duper-any-scent-I-want body wash! It's super easy peasy (hence the uber short post here!).

1. Heat 1 Cups of Water on Stove for Every 1 Bar of Soap
2. Microwave soap until melty (keep an eye- it does bubble).
3. Mix with heated water & pour into nifty container you want to use in the shower. (If you don't have a funnel or extra hand around, you can let this cool for a bit in a glass container.)
4. Shower and enjoy!

This mix will thicken over the first day or so after you've made it as it cools. If it gets too thick just water it down a bit more. Not only is this super easy to make and totally customizable, but it costs about 75% less than store bought body wash!


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