Stop Wine -ing, it could be FREE!

Yes, you can get some free wine to go with that cheese! You can GO to LOT 18 HERE and sign up for free, and they'll start you off with a $10 credit just for joining. Then, you can use that credit to get a terrific deal on wine, coffee, or other great gourmet items (they make terrific gifts for that foodie in your life too). You can also earn even MORE site credit by inviting your friends to sign up for free. In fact, you get a $25 credit when someone signs up- hence my asking you to CLICK HERE to sign up and you could be single-handedly be buying me a drink (or two) for mine and hubby's next date night! It Only takes about 2 minutes for the sign up, really one of the least painless ones I've seen in a long time. They have everything from Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Zinfandel, Organic Roasted poultry, Festival Tickets, serving ware, and tons more! ***When you're done you can try this neat craft project that you see in the picture! Just take an empty wine bottle, and light the inside with a string of mini Christmas lights! You could do the work to drill a hole in the bottom of the back of the bottle, but I don't have that kind of drill yet, so I will most likely hunt for the light strings that are battery powered and play with that. Either way, just use your imagination and you could end up with something really nifty!***


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