Mommy Makes Money : ChaCha

Yes, you may have heard of ChaCha, or you may have heard of it's more expensive rival, KGB. Basically, you text them a question on your phone, and they text you back the answer. But where does the answer come from? Well with ChaCha, it might just come from me.
I'm a ChaCha Expeditor, which means that when people text in a question, I'm at my computer ready to jet them off an answer. Not for free, mind you, no, I get PAID.
I make around two cents to click about three times, unless they're running contests or guaranteed cash times, in which case I can end up making between $5 and $10 an hour. All for sitting on my duff, probably doing something else at the same time like listening to the radio or doing surveys for cash (or maybe even blogging) and getting paid for it.
What kind of questions do I answer? HAHAHA! Everything! Anything from how to French Kiss (and more), to lyrics of an Eminem song, to directions to the closest KFC. I don't have to look for any of the answers though, no, ChaCha has already done it for me. They have this cool page that pops up and all I do is pick the right answer for my question. If I don't have one at my disposal, I can either answer it myself by typing it in, or send it on to the next up person who gets paid a few cents more to find the answer, but can't handle as many questions per hour because it takes longer.
"How much does it really pay?" you ask? Well, I worked about half and half my first three weeks and made $117. Yeah, I made that while taking time off for my birthday, time outs to make dinner, play with my kids, run errands.... You see, because the beauty of it is that I can literally log on and off whenever I want to. There's no quota or certain hours per day or week that I have to work. I can bust my tail one day and take off two, or work for five minutes and then decide I want to watch a movie, or whatever!
They pay you via debit card- they open an account for you with First Internet Bank of Indiana (yes, it's real, I checked) and send you this spiffy ChaCha debit card that you can use anywhere you'd use a VISA card. Redbox, online, Wal-Mart, wherever you use a credit/debit card, you can use your ChaCha debit card. And even I, the owner of the worst credit score I know, still got one. :D
You can get paid whenever you want, or once per month- so you don't have to worry about blowing it all in one place if you don't want to.
It's the best job I think I've ever had (and yeah, I like working in my pajamas), so give it a shot! Even if you only work a few minutes a day, you can make enough for gas money for the week. Just go to and PLEASE use my email for your referral (just no spaces around it or it doesn't work please). You then get to be on my team and I can guide you to anything you wanna know. Hope to see you there!


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