Mommy Makes Money : At School

Guess what? You can have the same schedule as your kids (or close to it) and get paid for it! There are two easy ways to do this, both of which will require fingerprinting and a background check (NOTE: Check with your school board- I had to pay $75 for these myself).
See, teachers and cafeteria workers are people, right? Right! So sometimes they get sick or need a day off or whatever. That's your cue- you can sign up/apply to become a substitute cafeteria worker and work at local schools whenever you'd like to, wherever you like. Every couple of weeks, you'll get a check in the mail for any hours you've worked. Our schools only pay minimum wage here, but I do get to eat for free and I am off before my kindergartner gets done with her school day, so it works out perfectly. Also, since I work part-time, I still have plenty of days to run errands and keep the house up.
I actually only started working in the cafeteria so I would have a bit of extra income while waiting for the substitute teaching classes to begin in my area. That's where the real money is for us. Our schools pay a flat rate (it ends up as around $10 - $12 an hour) regardless of if you're working for a High School teacher or preschool! This is great because preschoolers only go for half the day here.
Either way, it's alot of fun and I get to sometimes see my kids during the day. Go try it out- the food is great!


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