Family Night On The Cheap : Halloween Clearance

Every Family should have Family Night. If not once a week or more, at least a couple of times per month. But after a while, you may find you're either running out of things to do- or running out money! Don't worry, this isn't the end of Family Night, it just means you need to get those creative juices flowing and relax a little more. Tonight, for example, our family sat around the dining room table decorating cookies and laughing and talking. But wait a minute- I didn't bake them! Sure, you're thinking, I can spend $10 - $12 on plain cookies and frosting and sprinkles and all of that too- but I didn't! You see, today when I took the kids to Walmart to check out their Super Saturday Toyland event, I also found the leftover Halloween clearance. It was marked down to 75% off! So I loaded up with some $0.25 glow bracelet packs, a set of eight make-your-own candy necklaces for $0.87, a beaded jewelry kit for $1.24 and a 12 piece Decorate-it-Yourself Halloween Cookie set for just over $3.00! The kit came ready with pre-made frosting, candy pieces and sprinkles for us to decorate and eat our very own ghost and pumpkin shaped cookies. So what? Right? Oooh, some cookies to frost. Well, nobody said Family Night has to be a huge event with confetti and dancing clowns people! For us, Family Night can be as elaborate as going to an amusement park and a fancy dinner- or as simple as watching a couple of cartoons and eating microwave popcorn. Regardless of what we're doing, we're doing it together. That's the whole point of Family Night anyway, isn't it? A little bit of time we all spend together having fun, laughing, trying something new, working on a project, or just being in each other's company. Besides, what could be better than watching your kids crack up at your sweetie being a goofball and making a couple of frosted sugar cookies dance and talk to each other? That's enough for them, and it's always enough for me!


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